Christmas Rooms

  • Our Christmas rooms are a place that people come from miles around to see. When you walk into the first room there are ornaments and all types of Christmas decorations to purchase. There is something for everyone, including our homemade chocolate!

    Next, you'll walk through a hallway with window displays on each side. One side is an antique toy display and the other is an antique manger display. As you pass by the window displays, you are transported to another place - Santa's wonderland! There are Christmas trees and toys everywhere. At the back of the room are Santa's throne and the chimney where Santa makes his grand entrance. Our Christmas room is the real deal; Santa comes down the chimney while his elves put the reindeer away. Sometimes one of them gets away from the elves and makes an appearance in the window for all the children to see.
    We have a new system to help with our Santa wait time! There used to be times that people would have to wait in line for hours, but now we have a new paging system. It is very similar to a restaurant paging system except ours uses text messages instead of pagers. The front of the line is still first come first serve. As soon as the line against the wall fills up then the list starts. Your name and phone number get entered into the system and you are free to roam the store, or even leave if need be. Customers can take their family and go to dinner or even do some Christmas shopping. When you receive your text inviting you and your family to get in line, you will be let into the seating area which is then another 15 minute wait.

    Our Christmas rooms take a few months to decorate; each Christmas tree is decorated by hand with love and care. We even have a special tree dedicated to our troops. Our family holds the military very near and dear. We currently have three family members serving. One in the Army National Guard, one in the Navy and One in the Air National Guard. How the tree works is a family member or a friend call the store and give us a name rank and what service they are serving for and we make a special tag and hang it on our tree!